Kampoeng Baron

Etnic Contemporer, Restaurant,

Guest House & Art Resort

Jl. Baron Km. 21

Gunungkidul 55881

DIY - Indonesia


CP: Zulkarnian:

+6281 392 718 897

CP: Ismail:

+6281 327 972 829



Studio ROB


The plan is also that a museum / gallery will be opened at the restaurant in Kampoeng Baron. This museum / gallery is located at the Kampoeng Baron restaurant.

It will be decorated with a collection from the collection of works of art, unfortunately deceased Mr. Boudewijn Brands and Mr. Zulkarnain. These works of visual artists from the Gunung Kidul region are very unique. At the museum there will also be an art shop

with products from the region itself.

Beautiful art
everywhere around