Kampoeng Baron

Etnic Contemporer, Restaurant,

Guest House & Art Resort

Jl. Baron Km. 21

Gunungkidul 55881

DIY - Indonesia


CP: Zulkarnian:

+6281 392 718 897

CP: Ismail:

+6281 327 972 829



Studio ROB


Pure flavors &
passion for cooking

In the large restaurant there is room for more than 50 people. In addition, there are several open spaces (pendopos) where one can eat. There is even room for large groups up to 150 people, but also small parties have been created.


    The whole also exudes the typical Javanese atmosphere.

The kitchen is open all day. Here you can have breakfast

from early to late dinner.


Very special is the red rice of the
Local plantations

Everybody has

been thought

In the kitchen excellent and delicious food is made:
Of course several fish dishes are on the menu like the famous district food soup Kakap (fish soup). The soup is prepared using red kakap, a local fish (a red seabass or red snapper), which also tastes excellent fried or grilled. Depending on the delivery by the local fishermen one also can choose tuna, tengiri,

marlin, ink-fish and big shrimps.

Of course, general Indonesian dishes are served: nasi and bami goreng, gado-gado, baked tahoe and tahoe. International cuisine and children are also not forgotten. Pancakes, toast, chicken fillet with sauce and fries or salads are served.

For the lovers there are many fruits and juices available. Mostly from local farmers and traders. Always hailers and pure nature. In addition, it is delicious in the evening sun in our cozy restaurant.